The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Private Equity

Introduction 2022 has started with growing concerns about inflation, Covid-19 and the environment. Inflation hit a record high over the past several decades in the US, UK, multiple countries in Europe and around the world. As a result, central banks are taking measures to hike interest rates to avoid hyperinflation scenarios. At the same time,Continue reading “The Impact of Rising Interest Rates on Private Equity”


What’s behind the biggest LBO ever attempted in Europe?

The American fund KKR is going after Telecom Italia, ready to bet more than €33 bn on the largest leveraged buyout ever attempted in Europe. But KKR isn’t the only fund interested in European telecom as there might be more to this than meets the eye. On the 22nd of November 2021, the American fundContinue reading “What’s behind the biggest LBO ever attempted in Europe?”

Private Equity Deal Volume Rising Following a Tumultuous Year

With the 2020 financial year nearly out of sight, savvy readers will have noticed that private equity dry powder has grown tremendously. The related question that inevitably comes to mind is when will these funds be allocated to new deals, and what will the overall deal volume look like in 2021. The past year hasContinue reading “Private Equity Deal Volume Rising Following a Tumultuous Year”

Private Equity Essentials: Everything You Need to Know

The Private Equity (PE) industry has grown rapidly and has garnered vast attention from the likes of regular news outlets, financial press, as well as politicians. Why? It’s simple. The private markets have hit an all-time high at $6.5tn in 2020 as investors have shifted capital from public asset classes in search of upside, andContinue reading “Private Equity Essentials: Everything You Need to Know”

SPAC Mania 2020: No Free Lunch at Wall Street

Being around since the 1990s, SPACs (Special Purpose Acquisition Companies) have become cool once again. SPACs are defined by some as a smart financial innovation that provides a cheaper and faster path to becoming a public company and as one of the hottest asset class in the markets. Others describe this model as a hazardousContinue reading “SPAC Mania 2020: No Free Lunch at Wall Street”

So much for a Vision

SoftBank’s almost $100bn-sized Vision Fund was set to pave the way for new innovations and turn tech investing into alchemy. “If I am going to do a fund it has to be big enough to disrupt the whole technology world”, promised Son Masayoshi. So much for a vision. Despite prominent investments in Uber and ByteDance,Continue reading “So much for a Vision”

European Private Equity Landscape

European private equity in 2019 could not be described as anything other than a successful year for the industry. Post-financial crisis records were broken, and the industry overtook 2018 by 16% in terms of deal count, amounting to 2,151 deals at a combined deal value of €260bn. Our European Private Equity Landscape Map gives anContinue reading “European Private Equity Landscape”

The Leading European Private Equity Funds

Our European Private Equity Top 5 Map illustrates the 5 largest funds in 6 respective European regions, along with the largest US funds dedicated for European investments. We have focused on reporting the latest private equity buyout fund size, not taking total AUM into account. Funds are placed where their main investment focus is insteadContinue reading “The Leading European Private Equity Funds”

Will Private Equity Seize the Upside in a Downturn?

Post-GFC (Global Financial Crisis) analyses suggest that the Private Equity (PE) sector missed the best buying opportunity due to overly cautious decisions of GPs and LPs. For the PE model, the GFC was a first real test of their reactive strategies and the questions that arose were whether the firms will succeed at refinancing theirContinue reading “Will Private Equity Seize the Upside in a Downturn?”

Green or Green – Growing ESG Importance in the Private Equity Industry

I. ESG in the PE industry In 2004, the then-UN general secretary Kofi Annan wrote a letter to 50 CEOs in the financial industry, urging them to further integrate sustainability into capital markets. This was the beginning of the PRI (Principles for Responsible Investment). Today, over 2,000 funds have signed the United Nations-supported PRI, upContinue reading “Green or Green – Growing ESG Importance in the Private Equity Industry”