Why Emerging Markets Will Miss The ESG Exploit

The exponential growth forecasted for sustainable investments risks being undermined by the structural gaps of the ESG ecosystem. Emerging markets will suffer a greater slow down due to their inner instability which has pushed western investors to limit their capital exposure. An overview of ESG and supply issues A recent study by PwC Ireland showsContinue reading “Why Emerging Markets Will Miss The ESG Exploit”


What are SPACs? Analysing the TMTG and DWAC merger

Throughout 2020 and 2021 Special Purpose Acquisition Companies (SPACs) have surged in popularity and have stormed financial markets and global news. In 2020 alone, more than $83bn has been raised with companies going public through SPACs and in 2021, 553 SPAC IPOs have been carried out. But what is the reason behind this incredible surgeContinue reading “What are SPACs? Analysing the TMTG and DWAC merger”

NIO vs Tesla: who will take the lead in the electric vehicle innovation battle?

The reduction of carbon-emissions has become one of the priorities of green policies implemented by governments. For example, the Trump administration mainly supported oil and gas industries, however, the Biden administration is expected to pay more attention to green policies and in particular, to the energetic transition. Over the last decade, electric vehicles (EV) salesContinue reading “NIO vs Tesla: who will take the lead in the electric vehicle innovation battle?”

The cryptocurrency frenzy

2020 has turned out to be a tumultuous year for the world’s economy and societies. Conversely, against that backdrop, cryptocurrency as an asset class has grown exponentially mainly bolstered by investors searching for new safe-haven assets, to hedge against the increased market volatility. Consequently, blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies took the stage due to their decentralizedContinue reading “The cryptocurrency frenzy”

The effects of the US Presidential Election 2020 on Global Markets

The week from November 2nd to November 8th was crucial for US politics and economic stability worldwide. As the United States were waiting for the presidential election results during the week, with Joe Biden and Donald Trump rallying for the White House, markets were waiting for the final polls. A. The US Presidential Election WeekContinue reading “The effects of the US Presidential Election 2020 on Global Markets”

The Risks Ahead for Financial Markets

“Sell in May and go away”: the typical finance adage didn’t work well this time, with stocks around the world rising over the summer, driven by major economies reopening around the world after the covid-19 lockdown. Investors kept buying the rebound as earnings from the first quarter were better than expected. Moreover, Covid-19 cases wereContinue reading “The Risks Ahead for Financial Markets”


Banks’ regulations are a key element to understand banks behaviour and their influence on the markets. This paper aims to go through the evolution of the Basel Accords, with a focus on banks’ capital requirements. From Basel I to Basel IV The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), founded in 1974, is the global standardContinue reading “THE FINAL BASEL III FRAMEWORK”

Markets reaction over Covid-19 outbreak – Insight on pandemic and corona bonds

The world economy is falling into recession as the virus outbreak involves more countries, but as the IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath points out, this is not like a normal recession. This health system crisis and the drastic governments’ actions as the self-isolation and forced quarantine are strongly affecting the global real economy. These actionsContinue reading “Markets reaction over Covid-19 outbreak – Insight on pandemic and corona bonds”