The Risks Ahead for Financial Markets

“Sell in May and go away”: the typical finance adage didn’t work well this time, with stocks around the world rising over the summer, driven by major economies reopening around the world after the covid-19 lockdown. Investors kept buying the rebound as earnings from the first quarter were better than expected. Moreover, Covid-19 cases wereContinue reading “The Risks Ahead for Financial Markets”


Banks’ regulations are a key element to understand banks behaviour and their influence on the markets. This paper aims to go through the evolution of the Basel Accords, with a focus on banks’ capital requirements. From Basel I to Basel IV The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS), founded in 1974, is the global standardContinue reading “THE FINAL BASEL III FRAMEWORK”

Markets reaction over Covid-19 outbreak – Insight on pandemic and corona bonds

The world economy is falling into recession as the virus outbreak involves more countries, but as the IMF chief economist Gita Gopinath points out, this is not like a normal recession. This health system crisis and the drastic governments’ actions as the self-isolation and forced quarantine are strongly affecting the global real economy. These actionsContinue reading “Markets reaction over Covid-19 outbreak – Insight on pandemic and corona bonds”


Wall Street, New York. On February 19, at the closure of the stock market, Tesla has reached the highest valuation since the company’s listing in 2010:  $917.42 per share. A new outstanding record for Elon Musk’s creature, a company that has a tormented and turbulent history, but which, in good or bad times, has alwaysContinue reading “TESLA REACHES A NEW ALL-TIME HIGH. IS THIS FINALLY GOING TO BE ITS TURNING POINT?”


These last months have been characterized by an increasing importance of the role of the Repurchase Agreements in the financial markets. The rate linked to it has never been this fundamental thus attracting the attention of the entire financial world. Much attention was attributed to the unprecedented spike of Repo rates in September. Market participantsContinue reading “REPO RATE SPIKE AND FEDERAL RESERVE INTERVENTION”

Analysing the DAX in Germany’s economy

The link between a country’s economic health and the behaviour of its stock index, specifically the performance of the index during periods of decreasing economic growth has always been an intriguing topic. Accordingly, the aim of this article is to illustrate the role of the DAX in the German economy and how the index movedContinue reading “Analysing the DAX in Germany’s economy”

The US economy through the eyes of this earning season

The earnings season started again, as for every quarter, with corporates announcing results and updating their business guidance. Investors were very nervous worldwide due to geopolitics tensions such as Boris Johnson’s Brexit plans, US-China trade talks and Hong Kong protests against the Chinese government. Some bears are looking at signs for the longest-ever bull market’sContinue reading “The US economy through the eyes of this earning season”