Europe: A Turbulent Snatch? – European Citizen

In recent days, Europe has been a very dramatic battlefield. Talks between Greece and European officials are still going on, with Greek Ministers firmly stuck on their requests and European Officials unhappy and unsatisfied with Greece’s request. Tsipras does not want to change the pension system, contribution-based, still plenty of “baby retired”. Yesterday, Angela Merkel appeared as a Deus Ex Machina willing of peacefully solving the Greek Crisis. The main goal in Europe by now is to avoid the Euro Area break up, who can lead us into periods of unprecedented uncertainty and volatility, and can wreak havoc the entire Europe. Standard and Poor’s downgraded Greece Debt to triple CCC, following the postponement of the repayment to the IMF and the higher risk of default. Jeroen Dijsselbloem, the President of the Eurogroup, warned against the running out of time, and urged Athens and Europe to a peaceful resolution.

Many venerable European banks have been downgraded too because of the uncertainty over Europe’s financial health. Barclays Bank has been downgraded to A-, Deutsche Bank to BBB+ and RBS to A-, Commerzbank to BBB+ and Unicredit to BBB.

The bond market has been under severe attacks. 10-YR German Bund reached high yield of 1% yesterday. From the bottom in May at 0.05%, this means a 2000% increase. Bond traders are adjusting bond prices to looming spikes in inflation in the Eurozone.



Tancredi Viale


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