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Who are we?

The ESCP Finance Society is the largest and most active student association of the London Campus of the ESCP Business School, it has been founded in 2012 and is composed by students interested in the Finance Industry. All the founders and managing members have had internship experiences in the industry.

Our Values and Vision

The aim of the Society is to help ESCP students to break into the Finance Industry, organising dedicated networking events, and providing useful materials to support the application and interview process.

How we Operate

The society is divided into four main teams: M&A, Financial Markets and Asset Management, Private Equity and Events. Each team produces researches and reports about their specific area of interest and organize related activities.

Our Main Activities

The society organised a range of activities to support students in the application process, among which:

  • The “ESCP Banking Trek”, a week-long visit in all the EMEA HQs of the major Investment Banks in London
  • Hosting and joining M&A and Trading competitions
  • Coaching program, providing materials and tutorials to have effective CVs, Cover Letters and resources to nail the interviews
  • Events and conferences with professionals, to talk about their firms, financial trends and to network
  • ESCP Private Equity Trek: a collection of workshops organised by the ESCP Finance Society, in collaboration with several leading financial sponsors.

We encourage an open communication environment among the members to take full advantage of sharing best practices.

Our Partnerships

Those that send us forward…

In the recent months, our Finanace society memebers have worked very hard to find and enagage in a multitude of partnerships.

And now, we are proud to present our collaboration with: Dartmouth Partners, AlumnEye, Wall Street Oasis.

Our Sponsors

Those that send us forward…


Our main sponsor is Bloomberg, which collaboration began in the early years of the finance society’s set up. We believe that their insight and knowledge have levereged us to learn and grow over time.

If you are interested in learning about the career opportunities which they [Bloomberg] offers please click on the icon below, or visit their official website.


Also, over the years we have established a strong relationship with many other firms in the financial industry, which is why we created a 3 way package sponsorship plan.

This involves providing our sponsor some exclusivity deals depending on the package they choose. Please view the below table…


We are constantly intrested in investigating for new propasals tp expand our sponsorship pool.

If you are a sponsor whom has an intrest in our humble society and is motivated to render this society a better place for learning, and networking, please do not hesitate to contact us.

About Us

The ESCP Finance Society is the oldest and largest student-run Association active in the finance field of ESCP Business School.

The mission of the ESCP Finance Society is to help ESCP students to break into the Finance Industry, organising dedicated networking events and providing useful materials to support the application and interview process.

More About Us

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