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The ESCP Finance Society is the largest and most active financial pan-european association of the Business School, it has been founded in 2012 and is composed by students interested in the industry. Last year, all the active members were able to find an internship in Finance.

ESCP Trading Competition 2016

Our aim is to implement improvements regarding diversity of the society, therefore the applications are open to every students despite the spoken languages             

(Please bear in mind, this a different application from the one of the Banking Trek, which is still organized by the same society but completely unrelated).

As a member of the society, you will gain a deeper understanding of Finance and you will be given the possibility to leverage your skills putting into practise your knowledge. This a unique opportunity to enrich your background with activities related to the field. Last year we have organised many events, such as:

  • “Breaking into IB”seminar
  • “Trading Session” held at ESCP London Campus
  • “Banking Trek ” involving different Financial Institutions in London



The available roles are divided into different divisions as following:

  • Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A)
  • Markets and Asset Management
  • Private Equity
  • Sustainable Finance
  • Sponsorships & Events 

If you are admitted to one of the positions for ESCP Finance Society, you will be involved in one or more of the following activities according to your team (Private Equity, Events, M&A etc.):

  • Implementation of the new strategy of the society;
  • Exclusive Networking session and events with the Alumni, sponsors and all the university association, which are currently our partners (e.g. Bloomberg, ESCP Alumni);
  • ESCP Banking Trek for the next year;
  • ESCP Trading Competition;
  • Maintaining the relationship with our existing sponsors and identify new opportunities;
  • Prepare reports and articles on deals, global economy and financial markets
Banking Trek 2015 – Nomura

Application and Selection

In order to apply, you are required to:

  • Send your cv
  • Send a short motivational mail (100 words maximum – no cover letter needed)

…where you can explain…

  • Why you want to join the society
  • Indicate which department you would prefer to join [among the positions above-written.]


Applications’ open at the start of each academic year.

About Us

The ESCP Finance Society is the oldest and largest student-run Association active in the finance field of ESCP Business School.

The mission of the ESCP Finance Society is to help ESCP students to break into the Finance Industry, organising dedicated networking events and providing useful materials to support the application and interview process.

More About Us

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