Interviews are the last step for your job or internship application. Many business students want to work in investment banking, but they freeze during the interview when asked some of the more common technical questions. Getting the first interview is often a difficult task all on its own, so you need to be ready to answer whatever questions the interviewer throws at you.

Face-to-face interviews are divided in two main parts:

  • Fit/Motivational
  • Technical

Fit/Motivational questions

In Fit/Motivational questions there are no “correct” answers you can use for the qualitative questions you’ll get. They depend on your background and your own experience, and everyone’s different.

However, there are good ways to answer and poor ways to answer. In this section, we detail the best techniques along with what you should say – and avoid saying.

Most candidates make 2 big mistakes when answering “fit” questions:

  • They fail to use specific anecdotes to support their points;
  • They do not structure their answers properly.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 11.39.24

Technical questions 

Technical questions cause more panic than anything else – just like GPA and test scores, answering them incorrectly hurts you but getting everything perfect doesn’t push you over the top. For technical questions there is almost always a “right answer” so we’ll go through exact answers here as well.

Junior bankers ask more technical questions than senior bankers because they’re closer to Excel and modeling all day; technical questions tend to be more common in earlier rounds of interviews than in Superdays. There are an infinite number of Technical Questions and it’s impossible to list everything you might encounter here – but these are the most common basic and advanced questions you might get.

Screen Shot 2015-09-16 at 12.39.08

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