The ESCP Europe Banking Trek consists in a week of visits and events in the major financial institutions’ headquarters in London, as Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Nomura. A selected group of MiM M1 students will have the opportunity to foster their understanding of the banking world through a closer look from the inside.

We believe that our Trek brings value to both students and institutions. Students will have the chance to gain useful insights of the banking industry, whereas institutions will be able to show students their graduate programs and to scout valuable candidates.

The ESCP Europe Banking Trek is designed to be a week-­long series of unique experiences. Our partners will provide a specific range of activities during our visit. We classify these activities into two groups:

* Company specific sessions, for example company presentations, team presentations, graduate recruitment sessions and networking sessions

*Industry focused sessions, as case study exercise workshops, trading competitions, CV e Cover Letter workshops, trading floor tours, news topic discussions, etc.

Last year, the Trek was a success. We had a selected group of top students of 6 nationalities and 11 financial institutions participating. In addition, we are very proud that a large percentage of the participants of the Banking Trek were able to find an internship in one of these 11 banks or similar institutions and according to their feedback, the event was at the centre of their motivation and preparation and helped them a lot during their application process.

I had learned already many of the Outland methods of communicating by forest notes rather than trust to the betraying, high-pitched human voice.

The Banks Involved in 2017 Edition

  • Goldman Sachs
  • Morgan Stanley
  • Citi
  • Rothschild
  • Barclays
  • Deutsche Bank
  • Nomura
  • UBS
  • HSBC
  • Bloomberg
  • Jefferies
How to Apply & Participants’ selection

If you are a MiM M1 student at ESCP Europe, please apply sending an email with your CV attached at

Deadlines for Banking Trek 2020:  TBA (follow the Facebook Page and Emails)

Note 1: It is mandatory to include in the body of your email whether you would like to share your CV with our sponsors for possibile internships opportunities in Finance

Note 2: Applications are now open to M1 student of the MiM programme of ESCP Europe from every campus (London, Madrid, Berlin, Paris, Turin)

Note 3: NO CV will be considered if received after specified Deadline

Note 4: CV Only, no Cover Letter accepted

The screening will be made by a selected group of ESCP Alumni, currently working in investment banks, supported by the Finance Society Board, and will be based on the relevant academic and working experiences of applicants.

Banking Trek Leaders
David Sigant-Boatman
President – ESCP Finance Society
Bachelor in Management (BiM), Class of 2023
Lorenzo Della Pasqua
Vice President – ESCP Finance Society
Master in Management (MiM), Class of 2023
Aya Abied
Banking Trek Project Manager
Master in Management (MiM), Class of 2023
Paolo Cerciello
Banking Trek Project Manager
Master in Management (MiM), Class of 2022
Onkar Kharadkar
Banking Trek Project Manager
Master in Management (MiM), Class of 2022
Pietro Comello
Banking Trek Advisor
Master in Management (MiM), Class of 2023

Sponsored by  Bloomberg_Logo.jpg

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The ESCP Finance Society is the oldest and largest student-run Association active in the finance field of ESCP Business School.

The mission of the ESCP Finance Society is to help ESCP students to break into the Finance Industry, organising dedicated networking events and providing useful materials to support the application and interview process.

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