Is Helicopter Money the Hidden Ammunition of Central Banks?

In a general condition of weak economic growth and low oil prices pushing down inflation, the central banks are trying to convince investors that they are not short of options. In this context, “helicopter money” has become an extensively discussed topic by several experts. This term is connected to central banks giving money to theContinue reading “Is Helicopter Money the Hidden Ammunition of Central Banks?”

Breakfast with: Marco Gay – President of the General Confederation of Italian Industry, Young Entrepreneurs

“Breakfast With” is the brand new section of our blog. Within this part of our newsletter, we would like to interview influential European leaders from fields including Politics, Economics, Science and Technology.   Person of the month: Marco Gay, President of the General Confederation of Italian Industry -Young Entrepreneurs (Giovani Imprenditori Confindustria)  The General Confederation ofContinue reading “Breakfast with: Marco Gay – President of the General Confederation of Italian Industry, Young Entrepreneurs”

The NPL Market in Southern Europe: Alternative Heaven

While the European political cohesion remains still under scrutiny, with the Brexit referendum approaching and the Pound heavily depreciating over Euro (3M -6,59%), the majority of European financial institutions are still underperforming due to their extensive portfolios of Non-Performing Loans (NPLs). In fact, following a recent analysis of EBA, it resulted that roughly €1 TrillionContinue reading “The NPL Market in Southern Europe: Alternative Heaven”

The Kraft Heinz Co – Deal Report

  COMPANY-OVERVIEW The Kraft Heinz Company is an American worldwide food company formed by the merger of Kraft Foods and Heinz in July 2015, backed by 3G Capital and Berkshire Hathaway. The merger has been agreed by the boards of both companies, with approvals by shareholders and regulatory authorities. Alex Behring, 3G Capital’s managing partner,Continue reading “The Kraft Heinz Co – Deal Report”

Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts : The Future of Finance

We all heard about Bitcoin, the digital currency that allows you to transfer and store money without having to trust any third party, but not everyone knows that the Bitcoin protocol is just the monetary application of a very powerful technology called blockchain, something that all the big players in the finance industry are lookingContinue reading “Bitcoin, Blockchain and Smart Contracts : The Future of Finance”


Having a look at some of the biggest winners and losers on the global financial markets in 2015, Jamaican stocks result to be among the top performers; the island nation’s index rose more than 80 percent. As for losers, the political issues and lower oil prices have hurt the Ukrainian equities index, which has tumbled 56Continue reading “FINANCIAL MARKETS: WHERE WE ARE AND WHERE WE ARE GOING”

DELL & EMC -The Path to be Giants- M&A Reports

Computer technology giant Dell Inc. is an American privately owned multinational computer technology company based in Texas, United States. About 70 percent of Dell’s business is still tied to it’s core business of personal computers. Bearing the name of its founder, Michael Dell, the company is one of the largest technological corporations in the world, employing more thanContinue reading “DELL & EMC -The Path to be Giants- M&A Reports”

On the Rollercoaster – Yearly Recap

The 2015 has been a very turbulent year for financial markets globally. Greece, the unpredictable oil rout and weak growth perspective in China repeatedly triggered waves of sell-offs during the last year. Here a closer look at the main characters or events that set the trends this year. S&P 500 Yearly Performance Oil The oilContinue reading “On the Rollercoaster – Yearly Recap”

Shadows at the horizon – Breaking through Shadow Banking

Shadow banking refers to the whole range of intermediaries that intermediate credit through complex funding techniques. Unlike the traditional banking system, which is shielded from runs because of insurance guarantees, the shadow banking system entails a very high level of risk. This very risk gathers momentum regarding the size of the system. Arguably, it isContinue reading “Shadows at the horizon – Breaking through Shadow Banking”

Islamic Finance: The Way Forward

In 2008, while western governments were claiming for a more sustainable and regulated financial system, their counterparts in the Middle East were working towards a long-term global expansion plan for their ancient but efficient model of capital distribution: Islamic Finance. How is Islamic Finance doing better than capitalism? The answer lies in the sukuk-based financialContinue reading “Islamic Finance: The Way Forward”